BREAKING: Turkish President Just Made STUNNING Move That Changes Everything

BREAKING: Turkish President Just Made STUNNING Move That Changes Everything

As TRN reported earlier, elements of the Turkish military launched a coup while President Recip Erdogan was on vacation at a Black Sea resort. As of Friday evening in Ankara, the military claimed they had “complete control” of the nation’s goverment.

However Ergodan went on an Islamist-friendly TV station via FaceTime and told people to go into the streets and fight the military to defend his Islamist government.


And so they did.

Here are hardline Erdogan supporters shouting “Allahu Akbar” (sound familiar?) in the streets of Istanbul an hour ago:

And they even seized a tank in Ankara, dragging out the driver and beating him:

And mobs of Erdogan supporters now fill the streets:


These actions are leading some to fear an imminent civil war.

But now Ergodan — who Obama once called his “closest ally” on the world stage — has made a massive move that changes the entire situation, and all but ensures the coup leaders will prevail.

Erdogan has fled the nation in a plane and is reportedly seeking asylum in — irony alert — GERMANY…;

Yep…;the nation that Erdogan cynically dumped over a million Muslim migrants upon in the past year now gets the decide whether to give him safe passage.

I have little doubt Angela Merkel will take him in. After all, what’s one more unemployed Muslim refugee at this point?

It’s not over in Turkey however.

At this moment we are hearing about explosions continuing in the capital Ankara and most populous city Istanbul. Erdogan may still return to lead an even more autocratic, repressive Islamist government. We simply don’t know at this time.

Stay tuned as this breaking situation develops.