FoxNews ‘Bleeped’ Out a Donald Trump ‘F-BOMB’… There’s Just One BIG Problem

FoxNews ‘Bleeped’ Out a Donald Trump ‘F-BOMB’… There’s Just One BIG Problem


FoxNews has made a sport of going after Donald Trump on behalf of the GOP establishment, from the loaded Megyn Kelly question at the first GOP debate, to the Muslim and illegal alien they planned to ambush him with at his skipped debate, to boss Rupert Murdoch’s frequent Tweets denouncing Trump’s immigration positions.

Looks like they have taken it to a whole other level.

Last week Donald Trump held a rally in New Hampshire where he talked about bringing jobs back to New Hampshire from Mexico.

This morning, Trump went on FoxNews with Gretchen Carlson, who introduced a clip of Trump being “bleeped” while yelling an “f-bomb” during that rally, and planned to call him on it. Here’s the clip:

We’re going to have businesses that used to be in New Hampshire, that are now in Mexico, come back to New Hampshire. And, you can tell them to go (BLEEP) themselves.

Notice how Trump immediately called her on the “bleep out.” Here’s what Trump actually said:

So Trump (sort of)mouthed the word, but never actually said it.

HoweverFoxNews actually beeped it out as if he did, in a clip they showed at least 3 times that morning to a no doubt shocked audience, with the clear intent of persuading them he said it…;on the day of a critical GOP primary.