BREAKING: Turkish President Just Made STUNNING Move That Changes Everything

As TRN reported earlier, elements of the Turkish military launched a coup while President Recip Erdogan was on vacation at a Black Sea resort. As of Friday evening in Ankara, the military claimed they had “complete control” of the nation’s goverment. However Ergodan went on an Islamist-friendly TV station via FaceTime and told people to […]

3 Teachers Fired From D.C. Area Middle School For Teaching Black History (VIDEO)

Teachers at a Washington, D.C. area middle school were fired in front of students after giving their two weeks notice. Howard University Middle Schools social studies teachers resigned en masse, which prompted the schools new principal to issue their pink slips, in class, and have police then escort the teachers from the building. Some parents […]

Baltimore Looter Who Set CVS on Fire Got a BIG Surprise When He Faced the Judge…

As TRN reported in April 2015, rioters in Baltimore looted and burned dozens of buildings, including a nursing home, and set cop cars on fire — while then-Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake said she gave rioters “space to destroy.” #BaltimoreRiots Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake(D) rushes to approve more Riots — DANEgerus ن (@DANEgerus) May 23, 2016 […]

ACLU Leader Learns BRUTAL TRUTH After Daughters Encounter Men in Women’s Restroom

There’s an easy way to turn a liberal into a conservative: introduce them to the real world. That happened to Maya Dillard Smith, former director of the Georgia chapter of the ACLU. Smith, like so many in the ACLU, the left, and the Democrat party, pushed hard for “transgendered” bathroom rules…;the kind that Obama recently […]