Obamas Secret Service Detail Drunkenly Crashes Vehicle At White House (VIDEO)

Obamas Secret Service Detail Drunkenly Crashes Vehicle At White House (VIDEO)

Two senior Secret Service agents, including President Obamas Second-In-Command over his protective detail, and a supervisor, crashed a car into a White House Barricade following a late-night party in the area. According to witnesses, the two agents had been drinking.

On-duty White House agents enforced with protecting the front of the house reportedly wanted to arrest their fellow agents and conduct sobriety tests, but a supervisor intervened and ordered the agents on the scene to let them go home.

Thats probably because those two drunk agents outranked them. Mark Connolly has been on President Obamas personal protective detail since his first term, and George Ogilvie is a top supervisor in the agencys Washington field office.

Pic via Today World News.

Pic via Today World News.

While the two agents were let home that night, which is definitely looking a lot like special treatment, the incident is still under investigation by the Inspector General for the Department of Homeland Security, which oversees the Secret Service.

Secret Service officials did not say why they failed to issue a public report about the episode immediately after it occurred a week ago.

The Washington Post ended up breaking the story first.

Here is a detailed account according to sources:

The reportedly drunk agents were on their way back to the White House from a party in a government issued vehicle and were stopped at the front entrance. Instead of remaining there, they waved their badges and tried to get past an area that been had been closed down with security tape due to an unrelated investigation into a suspicious package. They decided to disregard this and drive right through the tape, at which point they crashed into a barricade.

Watch a report on this here:

H/T: TomoNews US | Featured Image: You Tube screen capture

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