WATCH: House Speaker Boehner Hell-Bent on Pushing Amnesty; Mocks Republicans Who Oppose It

WATCH: House Speaker Boehner Hell-Bent on Pushing Amnesty; Mocks Republicans Who Oppose It


by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

The battle is on for patriots who support the rule of law on immigration.

But the adversary this time is not Barack Obama and Harry Reid, who pushed the massive Gang of 8 amnesty bill through the Senate last year.

The enemy this time around is the very U.S. House Republican leadership that was supposed to stop Obama and Reid from handing amnesty and citizenship to tens of millions of illegal aliens.

And unlike previous tepid attempts to raise the issue, afraid of a backlash from the conservative base, this time around that leadership is brazenly pushing amnesty, and attacking any Republicans who oppose it. The Chamber of Commerce and Silicon Valley billionaires are putting millions of dollars into the mix, and getting results.

House Speaker John Boehner last week told business leaders at a Las Vegas fundraiser that he was hell-bent on getting (amnesty) done this year, two people in the room told The Wall Street Journal.

And now, Boehner is going after conservative Republicans who oppose amnesty as somehow afraid to take on the big issues. In a bizarre clip, Boehner mocks them directly:

Heres the attitude. Ohhhh. Dont make me do this. Ohhhh. This is too hard….We get elected to make choices. We get elected to solve problems and its remarkable to me how many of my colleagues just dont want to … Theyll take the path of least resistance.


Make choices? Solve problems? What problem is solved by handing amnesty to tens of millions of illegals who broke the law, continue to do so everyday via , and who according to all data will vote overwhelmingly Democrat and perhaps guarantee that no Republican president is ever again elected?

The only choice Republicans should make is to elect a new Speaker of the House, and send his fellow agents for the U.S. Chamber, Eric Canter and Kevin McCarthy with him.