What This Florida Officer Did For A Family Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes

What This Florida Officer Did For A Family Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes

Autumn Beardsley, a single mother of two boys in Florida, wanted nothing more than to make Christmas special for her sons. When a woman took advantage of her, she thought Christmas was ruined for her oldest son, Kendall. Thats when she was sent a Christmas angel: Officer Behnam of the Jacksonville Sheriffs Office.

About a month ago, Autumn bought an iPhone 5c from a woman on Craigslist. The woman sold it for $150 and assured her that everything was okay with the phone.

Autumn went to activate the phone and found out that it was blacklisted due to nonpayment. She was absolutely devastated. She didnt have the womans last name and shed refused to return text messages. Autumn was at a loss until suddenly she saw a picture of the woman on Facebooks creepy stalker feature people you may know.

She contacted the shady seller and was promptly blocked so she did the only thing she could think of and called the police. Thats when Officer Behnam arrived on her doorstep.

Officer Behnam explained that since the phone was not stolen, the woman committed a civil offense, not a criminal one. He then told Autumn that if it was okay with his sergeant he would buy the phone for $150 so that she would not be out any money.

Unfortunately, she received a call from the officer and he told her his sergeant would not allow him to purchase the phone, but he asked if it would be alright if he stopped by to show Kendall a real police car.

Get out your tissues, Autumn explains what happened next:

He pulls up slowly and Kendall is already filming everything. He gets out and flashes the lights front and back and even showed Kendall the inside. Kendall presented him with a Lego police mini figure and told him his favorite is Chase McCain from Lego. Officer Behnam then popped his trunk and said he had presents for Cole,11, and Kendall.

My youngest son, being non-verbal autistic, couldnt express much more than a wide smile and a high five for the wonderful car and garage set. Kendall, being moderately autistic, was so happy with the visit and received a light up police car. He acted like he didnt like it, but was totally playing with it when his brother showed interest. Teenagers have to act cool. Then he said he had something for mom…for me? In two bags were the coffee and hot cocoa that I had just talked about with ofc Behnam. We had been talking weight loss and I gave him the recipe to my 70 calorie mocha. His girlfriend also gave me a lovely book called Jesus calling.


If you dont have tears yet, you will because what he did next is absolutely beautiful.

Finally, in a small envelope was a card. Written from the heart by a man who puts his life on the line everyday for us. Who isnt jaded or difficult. Who is truly a servant to his master and of our beautiful city. He had enclosed $100.00 of his own money to help make whole the Christmas of my boys after someone took advantage of us.

With all the recent news reports of police brutality this story is truly a breath of fresh air. Officer Behnam saw a family in need and went out of his way to make sure that they had the Christmas they deserved. He is a shining example of what law enforcement should be and he deserves our praise.

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  • cc423

    So sweet… There are so many good people in this world!

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  • Michael Siegrist

    This police officer is a true professional and a credit to all law enforcement officers. He is a great man with a heart of gold. Well done Sir I applaud you !!!

  • Thomas Browning

    Its nice to see humanity isnt dead yet.

  • Ron Rankin

    good and bad in every part of this world

  • wokjr

    Lovely man. What we want is quite beside this point. Lovely or not lovely, it should not be a duty to shoot someone who is not really a threat. Shooting first and thinking later has to be ruled out. Hence, even an ungenerous cop will take life seriously.

  • KevinandErin Hartman

    Always has to be one dumbass to bring down a good story. Congrats sir you are the winner of the dumbass of the year award.